Sunday, February 04, 2007

Student Free Press Update

The politics section of the blogs at The Seattle Times has a nice little write up over this week's Times editorial about the Washington student free press bill in the Legislature. There's a link to Mark Goodman's SPLC letter, which appeared in full via Romenesko at Poynter.

Still no letters printed or online in The Times as of Sunday (the P-I had one Thursday but not in response to any story, just a general support letter). You can read and/or post comments to the blog, though. The comments represent an interesting cross-section of rants (and a couple well-reasoned ones from me and colleagues).

Meanwhile, on Saturday, The News Tribune of Tacoma co-sponsored a forum on student free press rights. Read a story about the event.

UPDATE to the Update: The Daily, the newspaper at the University of Washington, has an article about HB 1307 moving from the House Judiciary Committee to the Rules Committee. The article quotes my testimony from teh Jan. 26 hearing in Olympia.

-- Wenatchee, Wash.

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The Nuss said...

Still no letters as of today (Tuesday) either. Weird.