Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sen. Murray is center stage

The Seattle Times' weekend feature, Letter from Washington, reports that Sen. Patty Murray, the Washington Democrat who won a seat in 1992 as a self-proclaimed "mom in tennis shoes," has a major role in the Senate leadership and that she is becoming the loudest voice from Washington state against the war in Iraq. Interesting stuff. The Letter from Washington accurately points out that Murray is the No. 1 favorite senator from these parts in the minds of veterans. They love her. That also gives her credibility on veterans and defense issues.

Murray has had a role in leadership for a few years now, since Sen. Tom Daschle included her in an advisory capacity back when he was Democratic leader. Now, she's the Democratic Conference Secretary. It's god clout for Washington state, and this "mom in tennis shoes" knows how to get things done in D.C.

-- Wenatchee, Wash.

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